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Album: The Slip
Length: 3:56
Tempo: 136 BPM
Versions: 1,000,000
1,000,000 (Live At Rehearsals)
Live: Lights In The Sky Tour through present
Artwork accompanying the MP3 file

"1,000,000" is the second track of the Nine Inch Nails album The Slip. It flows directly from the sudden end of "999,999."

The song is similar to "Wish" in that it opens the record following a short instrumental ("999,999," like "Wish" following "Pinion") and is at nearly the same tempo ("Wish" is at 135 BPM).

The idea of the narrator being or feeling "a million miles away," as sung in this song during the chorus, seems to reference or relate to the same idea as sung first in "Hurt." It would also be mentioned again in "All The Love In The World." Whether the three songs are all specifically related beyond repetition of the phrase is publicly unverified.

The song's accompanying artwork is constructed of a '1' and six '0's. Also the one could possibly be a person slipping off the edge of a building, represented by the stack of zeroes. This would coincide with the lyrics. The artwork also resembles, like the artwork for the track "Discipline," the part of the Art is Resistance logo with the star. In the Limited Edition CD/DVD insert, there are two red lines in the artwork, one originating in the center of the bottom box on the left, and one originating in the middle box on the right. Both lines continue straight downward and off the page.

Multitracks for this song (and all others from The Slip) were released in raw WAV format via remix.nin.com.



  • The Slip





This is the original album version. The song shares a similar structure with "The Collector," notably how the songs begin, each with a drumming intro and following with a string instrument ("The Collector" had a bass while "1,000,000" has a guitar) which then leads into the lyrics. Perhaps its most notable feature is its structure, which separates the final chorus from the coda via Reznor's lone voice and ensuing silence before drums and guitar blast back in. Its sudden ending leads immediately into "Letting You."

1,000,000 (Live At Rehearsals)

This version of the song was released online via nin.com and PitchforkTV. It was filmed and recorded in the band's rehearsal space in mid 2008 and directed by Rob Sheridan. It also features on The Slip's physical release, on an accompanying DVD of rehearsal footage.


This song made its live debut on the dress rehearsal show of the Lights In The Sky Tour. On the Australian dates of the Wave Goodbye Tour, a new live introduction was performed, consisting of "Corona Radiata"-like synthesizer atmospherics surrounding a drum loop from the studio version of "1,000,000" that began at an extremely slow tempo and gradually sped up, eventually leading into the song's normal introduction. This intro was included in an HD video filmed from the stage by Rob Sheridan on the tour and subsequently shared via the official NIN Vimeo account. On The Lights In The Sky tour it was the first song, usually prefaced by a shortened "999,999." However, on the Wave Goodbye tour it was almost never performed first, instead played further towards the end of the set.


   Kind of hard
   Hard to see
   When you crawl
   On your hands and your knees
   With your face
   In the trough
   Wait your turn
   While they finish you off
   Don’t know when it started
   Don’t know how
   Should have found out
   Should have happened by now
   Got these lines
   On my face
   After all this time
   And I still haven’t found my place
   I jump from every rooftop
   So high so far to fall
   I feel a million miles away 
   I don’t feel any thing at all
   I wake up
   On the floor
   Start it up again
   Like it matters anymore
   I don’t know
   If it does
   Is this really all
   That there ever was?
   Put the gun 
   In my mouth
   Close your eyes
   Blow my fucking brains out
   Pretty patterns
   On the floor
   That’s enough for you
   But I still need more
   I jump from every rooftop
   So high so far to fall
   I feel a million miles away 
   I don’t feel any thing at all

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