1988/11/02 Trenton, NJ

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Nine Inch Nails played at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ, on November 2, 1988 as a support act for Skinny Puppy's VIVIsectVI Tour.



  1. "Sanctified"
  2. "Maybe Just Once"
  3. "The Only Time"
  4. "That's What I Get"
  5. "Twist"
  6. "Down In It"

News coverage

This show was the basis for likely the first review of a NIN live show, written by Sandra Garcia and published in the February/March 1989 edition of B-Side magazine:

Nine Inch Nails were invited by Skinny Puppy themselves to open for them on a few dates, they a trio from Cleveland, Ohio specializing in heavily synth-dominated tunes, with the lead singer occasionally adding in on guitar. The songs that meshed the guitar, synth, and syn-drums definitely were the stronger, standing out from the others. Not to say there was anything wrong with the other songs, they just sounded a bit similar due to the limitations on instrumentation. There are plenty of three piece synth units humming about and you really have to prove what you can do. I'll be curious to hear the trio's debut album when it comes through on Nettwerk, as they probably will benefit from studio mixing for manipulation.

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