1991/07/18 Phoenix, AZ

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This was the first date of the 1991 Lollapalooza Tour. Plagued with electrical problems, the show was cut short during the third song, "Sin".


"Terrible Lie" was cut short by equipment malfunction. After a long break to fix the equipment, the band began again with "Sin". When the backing tape failed again, they abandoned the show.



  1. "Now I'm Nothing"
  2. "Terrible Lie"
  3. "Sin"


Reznor related the story in a 1995 Keyboard magazine interview:

"We couldn't play because one of the power boxes had melted, and every time the low end of the PA would rumble, it would jiggle the cord and all power onstage would just shut off and turn back on. If you have a sampler, that means you're down for a minute. And if you have a tape deck, ahem, that means it stops. ... So this started happening, and: 'Hello, does anybody know what's going on?' A voice from backstage: 'No, but I think it's working now.' Turn to the crowd: 'OK, hey, we suck, so here's the next song.' And 10 seconds into it, every time he hit the kick drum, there it went. Turn back around: 'This is the biggest show we've ever played, does anyone know what the f--- is wrong?' Voice from backstage: 'We think we have it!' Turn to the crowd: 'OK, one more time,' and ... "

MTV posted a video clip showing end of the aborted set as part of a series commemorating the 10th anniversary of Lollapalooza.

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