1994/06/09 Munich, Germany

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Nine Inch Nails played on June 9, 1994 at Charterhalle in Munich, Germany as part of the Self Destruct Tour. Die Krupps were supporting.


  • To many concert goers this was probably their first encounter with Nine Inch Nails, due the subdued reaction to the band's performance.
  • Power was lost 35-40 mins into NIN's set and the band went off stage. After a 20 minute wait, the band reappeared and started again with a ferocious version of "Get Down, Make Love", then finishing the regular set.
  • The band were unable to erect the projection screen, used for visuals during "Hurt" and "Mr. Self Destruct", due to the small size of the venue.



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Tour Dates
Previous show - "1994/06/08 Dusseldorf, Germany" 1994/06/09, Self-Destruct Tour Following show - "1994/07/29 Atlanta, GA"
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