2005/09/17 Tuscon, AZ

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Limited-edition lithograph for the concert
The live performance on September 17th, 2005 was cancelled due to Jerome Dillon's heart problems.

It was scheduled to take place at the TCC Arena in Tucson, Arizona as part of the With Teeth Fall Arena Tour, with Queens Of The Stone Age and Autolux as the scheduled openers.


Trent Reznor explained the cancellation through several posts in the "TR" section of nin.com:

The night after the San Diego show:

We had to cancel the show tonight. Have to cancel tomorrow as well. Feeling kind of numb right now.
Jerome is spending the night in the hospital with chest pains and an irregular heartbeat. Uncertainty abounds.


And the next morning:

Just heard Jerome is doing OK. No details. See you in Phoenix. I'd like to personally thank the audience in San
Diego for your understanding and the respect you displayed last night. I will make it up to you. 

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