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This sound file was included on a USB Drive along with Me, I'm Not. This sound file sounds like "crickets" and when run through spectograph software, it seemed to be random blips that eventually lined up to reveal the phone number 1-216-333-1810.



(link changed because theheavensfall.net is no longer an active domain)

This file appears to be nothing but the sound of crickets, the file plays the same backwards as forwards, in fact if you open the file in an audio editing program and can see the wavelegnths you will see that the file is actually the same file doubled and reversed once at the halfway point. upon splitting and reversing these halves it still plays the same. This file also does not respond to pitch shifting or speed altering. Upon closer inspection of the wavelegnths it almost appears this message could be morse code, perhaps the same morse code as at the end of the phone message revelaed by calling the number listed in the spectrograph.

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