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Jump to: navigation, search was a flash website set up by Nine Inch Nails to promote the release of And All That Could Have Been. Although the site has been taken down, it was saved and can be viewed here. The three panels on the intro page and main page were a replica of the LCD screens that were used onstage during the Fragility v2.0 tour.


  • General information about the release
  • Tracklistings for each version of the release
  • Artwork (cover art for each version, promotional items and advertising)
  • And All That Could Have Been teaser trailer
  • Six short And All That Could Have Been trailers
  • Three trailers for Still
  • Three Still music videos ("Something I Can Never Have", "Gone, Still" and "The Becoming")
  • Purchase link
  • Info about the televsion special that was aired to promote the release
  • Info about the DVD audio formats FAQ (DTS vs. Dolby)
  • Lyrics to the song "And All That Could Have Been"
  • Easter eggs (mainly images) accessed by clicking on squares hidden in the pixelation on the main page

The 'General Information' section contained the following text:

"The CD, produced by Trent, contains sixteen songs performed live during the 2000 Fragility v2.0 U.S. tour, and is the first-ever live album from NIN.

The CD will also be sold in a deluxe format which includes a very special bonus disc: 'Still.' The forty three minute disc contains select NIN songs recorded live in a deconstructed fashion, as well as some brand new material.

The DVD/VHS, produced by Trent with Rob Sheridan directing, contains eighteen songs which recreate the Fragility concert experience from beginning to end, using video footage collected over the course of the entire U.S. tour. The DVD/VHS was shot, edited and produced digitally, using Apple hardware and software.

The DVD will feature 5.1 surround sound and extra features including multiple camera angles, audio commentary, still photos, and more. The DVD will be available in both DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 formats."

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