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"Atmosphere" is a song by Joy Division, covered by Nine Inch Nails and Peter Murphy for the With Teeth: Summer Tour 2006 Radio Collaboration. It was also played live on the 2009 Wave Goodbye tour.



  • Only avaliable on bootlegs of the With Teeth: Summer Tour 2006 Radio Collaboration

Song Credits

  • Originally written by Joy Division. 1980



Featuring Peter Murphy and Trent Reznor, this was recorded live on the June 23rd, 2006, backstage at the Tweeter Center, Boston, Massachusetts.


   Walk in silence,
   Don't walk away, in silence.
   See the danger,
   Always danger,
   Endless talking,
   Life rebuilding,
   Don't walk away.

   Walk in silence,
   Don't turn away, in silence.
   Your confusion,
   My illusion,
   Worn like a mask of self-hate,
   Confronts and then dies.
   Don't walk away.

   People like you find it easy,
   Naked to see,
   Walking on air.
   Hunting by the rivers,
   Through the streets,
   Every corner abandoned too soon,
   Set down with due care.
   Don't walk away in silence,
   Don't walk away.
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