Banged And Blown Through

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"Banged And Blown Through"
Album: The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust!
Length: 3:43
Versions: Banged And Blown Through
Live: N/A
"Banged And Blown Through" was produced and composed by Trent Reznor for Saul Williams' third studio album, The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust!.

Saul Williams on "Banged And Blown Through"

"This track was one of the original 14 too. [A CD of outtakes provided by Reznor] It grew on me pretty fast, although I was hesitant to write to it at first because it reminded me somehow of my song Surrender. One night I had my longtime friend and collaborator Maryam Blackshear over to try some viola over the track. I set a mic up in my bedroom and used my vs1680 to record her from my laundry room. Right as she started recording I tip toed into the room to adjust the mic. Maryam plays with her eyes closed and when she saw me approaching she jumped and banged her bow against the bridge of her instrument. I kept the mistake in the music which is what u hear at the top of the song and used it to inspire the lyrics. I think I sound like Seal too. But I think Seal sounds like Nick Drake. I don't think I sound like Nick Drake. I wish I did though."

Song Credits

  • Music by Trent Reznor (Leaving Hope)
  • Words by Saul Williams (Punk Rock of Gibraltar/EMI)
  • Vox: Saul Williams
  • Viola: Maryam Blackshear
  • Double violin: Gingger Shankar




Banged And Blown Through

This version is heard on The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust!.


"Banged and Blown Through" was performed by Williams and Nine Inch Nails for the first time together in Atlanta, GA on May 10, 2009. NIN would perform it without Williams seven more times on the Wave Goodbye Tour, with the first performance on May 15, 2009, in Phoenix, AZ.


    We are broken instruments.
    Burst wide open.
    Smashed and bent.
    Not what you’d expect from these city streets.
    Who serves to protect the orchestra in me?
    Conductor! Conductor! I feel electricity.
    Conductor! Conductor! Can you bring out the song in me?
    Instruments, banged and blown through.

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