Broken Machine V2

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This bootleg was probably released prior to The Fragile. This is almost definitely not legitimate, presumably created by several amateurs, hence the subtitle, "a collection of the best independent remixes."


  1. "A Broken Machine"
  2. "Happiness In Slavery" (Beat Into Submission)
  3. "Wish" (Hellbound)
  4. "Feed the Drug"
  5. "Eraser" (Repression)
  6. "A Perfect Ring of Scars"
  7. "The Becoming" (Slipping Away)
  8. "I Do Not Want This" (Encased)
  9. "My Favorite Dreams Are Nightmares"
  10. "A Warm Place" (Sedation; Violence)
  11. "Hurt" (Rendition)
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