By Bizzare Hands

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"By Bizzare Hands" Bootleg
The bootleg titled "By Bizarre Hands" is a rare live recording from March 10th, 1990, in Boston, MA. It is copyrighted 1992 and was produced by "MUSHROOM RECORDS" in Australia, with catalog number "20-MSRM". The recording itself is an audience-source, not a soundboard recording.


  1. "Sin" 3:41
  2. "Sanctified" 5:43
  3. "That's What I Get" 4:26
  4. "Get Down, Make Love" 4:06
  5. "Ringfinger" 5:44 (mis-titled as "The Only Time")
  6. "Down In It" 4:24
  7. "Head Like A Hole" 6:17
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