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Halo 1: Down In It
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Down In It (also known as Halo 1) is the first single by Nine Inch Nails, released on September 27, 1989 by TVT Records. It was released as a teaser single prior to Nine Inch Nails' debut album, Pretty Hate Machine, and contains two remixes of the track. Initially released only on 12" Vinyl, a CD version was later created after the success of the album. The first track on this single is the mix that is found on Pretty Hate Machine.

Track listing


  1. "Down In It" (Skin) - 3:46
  2. "Down In It" (Shred) - 6:56 (Remixed by Adrian Sherwood and Keith LeBlanc)
  3. "Down In It" (Singe) - 7:03 (Remixed by Adrian Sherwood and Keith LeBlanc)


This edition was limited to 5000 copies, each copy (CD and 12" vinyl) with a numbered sticker. Vinyl edition included a pressed NIN logo stencil. All exclusive tracks later appeared on US edition of Head Like A Hole.

  1. "Down In It" (Skin) - 3:46
  2. "Terrible Lie" (Sympathetic) - 4:27
  3. "Down In It" (Shred) - 6:54
  4. "Down In It" (Singe) - 7:02
  5. "Terrible Lie" (Empathetic) - 6:12
  6. "Down In It" (Demo) - 3:57

Album Credits

  • Nine Inch Nails is Trent Reznor
  • Reproduced, remixed by Adrian Sherwood and Keith LeBlanc
  • Right Track (Cleveland)
  • Unique (New York)
  • Roundhouse (London)
  • Exclusive representation: J Artist Management
  • Sleeve: Gary Talpas/Föhn


Halo I-IV

Halo I-IV is a limited edition vinyl box set released by Concord/Bicycle Music for Record Store Day in November 2015. It contains the domestic versions of the 12" singles for Down In It, Sin and Head Like A Hole on 120 gram vinyl, as well as the original version of Pretty Hate Machine on 180 gram vinyl. None of the music in this set is remastered.

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