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Elliot R. Carraig is a member of The Spiders, and a character in the world of Year Zero. Elliot is unmarried, unemployed, and does not attend church. He is in roughly $12,000 of debt.


Elliot is in love with Laurel, who is/was with Gil. In his own words, he is hopelessly infatuated with her. She comes to him for help when she accepts the idea that she will never see Gil again. She informs him that she is pregnant with Gil's child and would like him to go with her to get it aborted. In another situation where Elliot plays the knight in shining armor, he offers to marry her so that she can keep her job and keep her citizen points above dangerous levels. Elliot declines her request because he opposes abortion willfully. He admits to almost saying yes, just because of how strongly he feels for her, but holds fast to his morality. He seems to blame himself for her dying after the procedure of septic shock. He mentions the idea that he refused to go with her to punish her for choosing Gil over him.


He meets with Tayna after Travis has premeditated sacrificing her for their cause. This seems to be right before they attempt to infiltrate Cedocore together, because Elliot has the HUD Glasses with them. Elliot resents what Travis is doing to her and seems to hate Travis for it. This is one of the occasions where you see Elliot try to be a knight in shining armor for a female character. He seems to be trying to make Tayna feel better with a sense of normality when he takes her to the grocery that Gil once frequented. The idea of him taking pictures of her and the general defensive attitude he has towards her gives the impression of an attraction he may have towards her.

Elliot guides Tayna through a breach in Cedocore's security, where they attempt to remove data from the building using her as an inside source. At the end of the mission, Elliot is injured severely when he attempts to run down two security guards that stop Tayna outside the Cedocore building, and presumed dead by security. The data received from exterminal.net indicates that "the Subject" evaded capture. In the header of the transmission, it lists the Subject as Gil, who is not present at the scene, but Tayna is more likely the person they are speaking of, as she was the one they were waiting for outside and surveiling.

Elliot attempts to hide Gil's death from Tayna, but when confronted with the question directly, during the mission, he admits the truth to her.

For an uncertain reason, money is involved in this event. $20,000 total. 5 now and 15 upon completion.


Elliot has his diary on file at Exterminal.

Elliot is now deceased.

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