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Number: 24.8.1

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On April 5th, 2007, this website was discovered by using Morse code found on Another Version of the Truth. [1]


Grace the Teacher is a website that chronicles the journal entries of Jeremiah Snow. The journal chronicles Jerry's life from the time he and his family begin living in the country on his grandfathers' property in an old trailer, to the point he returns to Bedford. His family had to leave their home in "Bedford" after his father lost part of his leg in a factory accident and his mother became unemployed. During this time, he and his sister are schooled at home, and they start drinking well-water. Once they're off the Parepin, they start becoming more aware, and start becoming angry at the state of their lives. Later, his sister, Hannah, steps on a nail and contracts tetanus. As a result she is taken to the hospital back to Bedford, where Jeremiah begins to drink Parepin-treated water again. He eventually succumbs to the sense-numbing effect of the water, attributes his time off Parepin to a "test of faith." When his sister dies a hideous death he barely shows emotion. His mother gets another job, and they stay in the city.

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