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You can check out the Frequently Asked Questions. That will answer a lot of yours.

What can I do?

Well, first off, you need to login or register to edit pages. If you see red links, click them and add content to the pages! Think that there should be another page added? Add it! Just make sure it is:

  • Linked by at least Two (2) other pages on the wiki
  • Links at least One (1) other page on the wiki
  • Is in one or more categories
  • It follows The Rules

If you have any problems, contact one of the Staff.

Listing of Articles & Categories

If you would like to see a complete listing of all articles, you can find that here. There is also a listing of Categories

Where can I start?

Well, you're probably interested in the recent stuff relating to Year Zero. Go there, have fun! Also if you are looking to start adding information to the wiki, please check out this List of Wanted Pages. These are pages that are linked to from other pages, but do not yet have info. If you're going to create a new song page, please follow the song layout conventions.

Problems Notification

Spot problems? REPORT THEM! Either say so and where at the Staff Notification Page, or go into the #ninwiki channel on Freenode and contact either Merzbau, Malechite, Tony, or heroicraptor. We'll take care of it.


For article names that are both a song and a halo, such as Sin, there exists a disambiguation page at Sin, the song article at Sin (song), and the halo article at Sin (halo).

Instead of typing out [[Sin (song)|Sin]] every time you want to link directly to the song article, a shortcut is [[Sin (song)|]]. The empty second parameter makes the link show the article's name without its last word, in this case (song).

Formatting Help

You can find a lot of help on formatting here.

Text formatting

  • ''italics'' — italics
  • '''bold''' — bold
  • '''''italics and bold''''' — italics and bold

So: 2, 3 or 5 apostrophes. Not 4 or 6 please; it looks ugly.

Site Templates

In order to make sure articles are uniform, the Admins have created a few templates to help when creating editing articles.


standards for various types of recurring details in Year Zero such as websites can be found here

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