Kick In The Eye

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"Kick In The Eye" is a song by Bauhaus, covered live by Peter Murphy and Nine Inch Nails.


  • This cover has never been released


Kick In The Eye

Performed live with Murphy, this is only available on bootlegs. In the final shows of the Wave Goodbye Tour, Murphy and NIN performed the song together twice - August 25 and 28, 2009.


   And he spoke of pastures green 
   I was never told why 
   Each journey lasts an age 
   And my throat feels dry 
   It must be the lesson 
   Hidden deep inside 
   It must be the lesson 
   So roll the tide 

   So I began the crossing 
   My throat burned dry 
   Searching for Satori 
   The kick in the eye 
   I am the end of reproduction 
   Given no direction 
   Every care is taken 
   In my rejection 

   Kick in the eye 

   Every care is taken 
   With my rejection 
   And my abduction 
   To my addiction 
   Every care is taken 
   With my protection 
   And my abduction 
   From my addiction 

   Kick in the eye
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