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Probably intended to be found through the Mailstrom shard Usurp, Mining For Life was indexed by Google and found through a Google search.


This site is for Anglo-Johnson (A-J), a company "54% controlled by Cedocore"[1]. A-J offers "life-saving options for families in South Africa" by providing a secure place to stay and the possibility of employment if donating healthy tissue. Corneas, kidneys, blood, bone marrow, and skin are requested.

Tissue donation, what's referred to as "conversion" on the site, earns donors "free snacks and beverages." Payment also includes "A-J certificates," all offered in pounds and only "good on company property."

Both employees and non-employees are welcome to donate. Employees are warned: "payment will be withheld if employee is suspended or released from employment during the payment period." [2] Non-employees, if giving more than blood, are promised: "preferential consideration for donor or any member of immediate family for employment by Anglo-Johnson." [3]

However, the home pages states the following: "Currently we are running at full employment with a long waiting list of fully qualified applicants. We do not expect to be accepting applications for the next 18 months."

The home pages also hints at another interpretation of the name of the site: "Platinum Mining, providing the world with platinum for beauty, palladium for manufacturing and electronics." This site indicates plans to not only mine for organs, but for certain elements as well. Further information, a possible purpose for mining palladium, is found in the Mailstrom shard Usurp

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