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Album: The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust!
Length: 3:40
Versions: NiggyTardust
Live: N/A
"NiggyTardust" was produced and co-composed by Trent Reznor for Saul Williams' third studio album, The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust!.

Saul Williams on "NiggyTardust"

"We wrote this on the road. There were two sections of two different songs from the 14 track cd that I thought would work well together. First I asked CX to cut and paste them, then I had him program a beat under a section. When we played it for Trent I only had the first verse written which he really enjoyed. I tried the chorus out on CX and he naturally said "nothing" which I responded with a very Prince-like "shutup". We kept it, as it was funny as fuck. It was Trents idea to add the vocoder which has definitely grown on me. Weirdly enough, this is my sons favorite song."

Trent Reznor on "NiggyTardust"

"Another true product of collaboration. Born from two pieces of music I gave Saul spliced together - the verse was a fairly new thing and the chorus was from an unused Fragile track. Never would I have considered the two coming together and NEVER would I have imagined those lyrics involved! If you ever get access to the multitracks, I'm sure you can hear lots of laughing in the background. The vocoder over the end makes me smile every time. Very fun to work on."

Song Credits

  • Music by Trent Reznor (Leaving Hope) and CX KiDTRONiK (Boykins Bar B Que Music/SESAC)
  • Add. Programing by CX KiDTRONiK (Boykins Bar B Que Music/SESAC)
  • Words by Saul Williams (Punk Rock of Gibraltar/EMI)
  • Vox: Saul Williams
  • Background vox: CX KiDTRONiK





This version is heard on The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust!. Note: on download-release there is spoken intro ("Ladies and gentlemen, it is with the greatest pleasure that I present Niggy Tardust") which is cut from retail CD/vinyl release.


    NiggyTardust: Grippo King, philosopher, and artist.
    Downright to the marrow, he’s the arrow through the heartless.
    Sunlight in the afternoon, his shadow travels furthest.
    Woven through the heart of doom, he’s bursting through the surface.
    Hardly nervous, suffice to say, he understands his purpose: Threshold King of everything, a comical absurdist.
    Sometimes when he talks he sings, yet keeps his high notes wordless.
    Sing along when Niggy sings. Without you he’d be worthless, homeless, Earth-less.
    Venus Hottentot, up in the circus. Freak Show!
    Here him speak so properly, ‘cause every word is measured against meaning. Probably scheming to unlearn us.
    Don’t you call him by his name! White people call him ‘Curtis’.
    When I say Niggy, you say nuthin. Niggy. Niggy. 
    When I say Niggy, you say nuthin. Niggy. “Nuthin”. Shut up.
    “Put your mama on the phone”. You can’t say that, girl, Niggy’s grown.
    What your daddy gonna do? He can’t deny what he knows true.
    What the preacher gonna say? Preacher can’t shit, girl, the preacher’s gay.
    What your granny gonna do? She can’t deny the truth.
    Hey! NiggyTardust, here to stay! Paint him on your lunchbox or your thermos, for a fee.
    You might win the chance to hang with Niggy for a day! Side effects may include simply doing what you say.
    Hey! NiggyTardust, no guitar. Ghetto Gothic millionaire. A super-duper star!
    Side effects may include simply being who you are. you are yourself, my darling dear, and where never a niggar.
    When I say Niggy, you say nuthin. Niggy. Niggy.
    When I say Niggy, you say nuthin. Niggy. “Nuthin”. Shut up.
    So what y’all NGH’s wanna do? I’m standing at the Pearly Gates so you can run and get your crew.
    I’m knockin once then I’m bustin’ through, with some gold Diadoras and a shirt that reads, “Do unto who?”.
    What y’all NGHs wanna do? Elevate the race or love these other MTHRFCKR’s too?
    The choice is yours, which means it’s up to you. But how can I love myself if I can’t love you?

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