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Alright, after seeing the vast differences between various song pages, and an email from Leo3375, I thought I'd make this page that would have a general layout for song pages. Here it is, updated as of 13:52, 7 April 2007 (PST):

| title = Title of the album
| album = The album the song originally appears on
| length = Minutes:Seconds
| versions = Versions of the track
| live = Tours it was/is being used on
The Songname should go in bold, and have information after it which sums up the contents below.
===Meaning=== Lyrics discussion
===Relationships=== If applicable, describes how the song is connected to others
===Song Credits=== Production, Writing, Mixing, other vocalists and instrumentalists. Use asterisks to create a list
==Appearances== ===Halo Appearances=== List of Halos, using asterisks to create a list
===Popular Culture=== List of soundtracks, movies, etc
===Other=== other NIN releases,, etc
==Versions== Subheader for each version with a brief write-up. Song Credits for these versions are much appreciated.
==Music Video== Again, if the song has a music video, this section should be included. Information on the video's director(s), the year it was released (month and day are also cool if known), and details of the video. It should also provide background information, such as controversy, awards, and some behind-the-scenes information
==Live== Details of live performance of that song
==Lyrics== Song lyrics with a five-space indent. Official lyrics as they appear in their respective album's liner notes should be posted first, after which any lyrics that are changed, added, or not used at all are noted. It helps to specify exactly where and what the differences are. See the "Survivalism (song)" page or the "Eraser" page.
==External Links== Any external pages that you think may be of use to people reading the article. Media links to official sources, iTunes purchases, and YouTube videos posted by official sources are permitted.
Finally, the categories under which the article fits, like [[Category:NIN Songs]]

For an example of how this is implemented, please see "Down In It (song)."

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