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opalo.mp3 (here) is one of the three (so far) mp3s linked to on the Another Version of the Truth forums. It is a woman talking about a DEA battle with a Columbian drug cartel.


[distortion, then channels changing]

Reporter: The DEA announced a crushing victory over Colombian drug cartels. A correspondent reports that a combined military force has closed down another drug operation run by the notorious Saenz brothers, long-time leaders of the Colombian drug cartel and paramilitary warlords fighting to control central Colombia.

British Female: Look, nobody's saying that Carlos Saenz wasn't a complete and utter psychopath. But you know, I'm here. And you ask people around there, and they'll tell you global warming has wiped out the Colombian drug trade, not the fucking DEA. Posting this from Meta, Colombia. Here's another version of the truth.

Colombian Woman [In Spanish* but not in a Colombian accent. For Spanish text and details on this accent incongruence see below]: When I was a girl things weren't easy, but now it rains and rains. We haven't even dried the coca leaves and they've already rotted. They say its because of global warming. 2 years ago the river took my brothers house, it took my brother his wife, my nephew, and the baby girl. We found it covered with mud and in the places where it dried it looked like ashes. Last year was difficult but the men who buy the coca leaves told us to grow what we could, and we did it and they they took it. We waited and we waited and then finally they told us that they could not pay us, because nobody wants to buy coca leaves. *baby crying in the background* (talking to it) shhhhhh... Hush my little girl. Good girl. This year the rains returned and we could not grow anything. Now the people say that nobody will buy the coca leaves, it's not worth anything to anyone. In Bogotá they only want Opal. They buy Opal in the United States and they bring it to Bogotá... Opal... (thanks for this! this would've been a phonetic nightmare)

Female: Here in Colombia the people say nobody even buys coca anymore. It's all Opal. Even in Bogota, it's Opal. Shipped in from America.

Reporter: Speaking from a compound on Pennsylvania Ave, a presidential spokesperson thanked God and the brave soldiers of the DEA for this astonishing raid, which he called a knockout punch to the already bloody face of the drug lords.

Female: What a load of bullshit. Your tax dollars at work America... [her voice distorts into unintelligibility]


[morse code sounds]]
Opalo morse.jpg
It has been decoded to be 24.10.3.

Transcription of Spanish from Columbian woman

Cuando era una niña, las cosas no eran fáciles. Pero ahora, un año llueve y llueve. Todavía ni sacamos las hojas de coca, y ya se pudren. Dicen que es por el calentamiento de la tierra. Hace 2 años, el río se llevó la casa de mi hermano, se llevó a mi hermano, su esposa, mi sobrino, y a la bebé. La encontramos cubierta de lodo, y donde se secó, parecía ceniza. El año pasado fue difícil, pero los hombres que compran las hojas de coca, nos dijeron sembrar lo que pudieramos. Lo hicimos y se lo llevaron. Esperamos y esperamos, finalmente nos dijeron que no nos podían pagar, que ya nadie quería comprar hojas de coca. Shh Shh. Callate hijita mía.. Que linda.. Este año las lluvias volvieron y no se pudo sembrar. Ahora dice la gente que nadie compra las hojas de coca. Ya no le vale a nadie. Aún en Bogotá sólo se quiere Opalo. Se compra Opalo en los Estados Unidos y se lo trae a Bogotá... Opalo...
  • [It should be noted that the woman speaking in Spanish is not having a Colombian accent, but she has an accent originated on or influenced by Mexican or Central American accents. This confusion is commonly observed in American films. It has not been clarified if this contradiction is intentional and meaningful or if it would be, otherwise, only due to a mistake during production. Obviously, this nuance is not detectable to the intended audiences.]

English Translation

When I was a little girl, things weren't easier. But now, in a year it keeps raining and raining. --- We haven't taken out the coca leaves yet, and they're already rotting. They say that it's because of the global warming. Two years ago, the river took my brother's home, took my brother, his wife, my nephew, and the baby.. We found her covered in mud, and where it was dry, it looked like ashes. Last year was difficult, but the men who buy the coca leaves said to us to sow what we could..We did it and they took it. We hoped and we hoped, finally they said to us that they could not pay us, that nobody wanted to buy coca leaves anymore. Shh Shh. Calm down my daughter... How pretty... This year the rains returned and it was not possible to sow. Now the people say that nobody buys the coca leaves anymore. It's not longer worth it to anybody. Still in Bogota, they only want Opal. Opal is bought in the United Estates and brought to Bogota... Opal...
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