Over And Out

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"Over And Out"
Album: Bad Witch
Length: 7:49
Tempo: 95 BPM
Versions: Over And Out
Live: Unperformed

"Over And Out" is the sixth and final track on the 2018 LP Bad Witch. Its lyrics seem to reference "Branches/Bones". Pitchfork announced the song as "Best New Track" on June 27, 2018.

Song Credits

  • N/A


  • Bad Witch


This is the only known version. It features a vocal style similar to that of "God Break Down The Door", influenced by David Bowie and possibly Peter Murphy.


"Over And Out" has never been played live.


Time is running out
I don’t know what I’m waiting for

I think this keeps happening over and over again
Feel like I’ve been here before
Over and over again
Am I remembering you correctly
Over and over again

I’ve always been 10 years ahead of you
Over and over again 
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