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men, was in the site, and i found the folowing:

bpage de/4/aders was/d an/d were t/old of j/vangelic/05th ha/ew it wa/yer duty whe/n a land e/m cor/eside yo/u tell your kin

when you select the text, this parts are in white, not in blue like the rest of the text, could it mean something? -Lord yami 00:10 , 9 april 2007

I doubt the guy seeing the thing from his roof was the presence, it was most likely a nuke (the iran one). I'll change this in a few days. -Velvolver 05:36, 9 April 2007 (PDT)

Maybe he was seeing the presence, and maybe the cause of the death of the Airborne Crusaers was the presence, w e all know what the it do with the people, so, imagine that in a plane?

and about the nuke, maybe they were carrying one, so,and when they felt on the ground, it exploded with the plane.

-Lord yami 14:06, 9 april 2007

The ABC's were obviously killed by a nuke, as stated on the website clearly. Most likely the Iran one. And if the presence was spotted then the gov wouldn't allow it to be talked about on the site. -Velvolver 11:42, 11 April 2007 (PDT)

Someone change the translation of the Latin motto, as that is obviously an absurd translation. I'll spare the 1950s style enumeration of how to identify what word is what in the sentence but long story short, Gladius Invidia Deo = something along the lines of "The Sword with 'ill-will' for God" - invidia being the annoying word, since it usually means "jealousy, envy" but can mean "ill will" or "hate", although a better word for that is odium, I leave it to you, in any case. Oh, and it is not "sword of a jealous God" as I have seen in some places, that would be "gladius dei invidi"

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