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I've just added a wikilink for Now I'm Nothing in the setlist as I was in that region of the page and couldn't understand why a handful of the songs were not linked. Looking through the edit history I see several edits to remove these links because they are linked elsewhere in the article.

I've seen this before on wikipedia too and always thought it was dumb. It requires you to keep a list of existing wikilinks preceding the section you are editing in your head at all times. This list of course is not consistent and would need to be updated with every other article edit. It's inconvenient for readers who may wish to follow up on something half way down an article and the initial wikilink is right at the top.

Anyway it may or may not be policy on WP (and I can't find anything except arguments and confusion about the subject over there) but it doesn't appear to be policy here... because there doesn't appear to *be* a policy here. If there is one can someone please point me to it, and if it isn't already, can the site policy on duplicate links be clarified there? (I would love to see some arguments for removing duplicate links too).

I reckon duplicate link hiding is a presentation decision and should just be done with CSS or something (the output filter in mediawiki should differentiate the initial link from subsequent ones at render time with a class name and let the user's personal style preferences hide subsequent links if they so choose). -- Jdowland

It unwritten policy on ninwiki, partly to conserve server space, but also because it just makes things looks messy to have blue everywhere. And you don't have to remember every link, if you forget a couple, then regular users will probably notice it and remove. And if they don't, it's not a major issue either, it's simply convention. Noone's going to ban you or reprimand you for doublelinking, it's just the way it is. sheepdeanis in your base killing your d00ds 08:48, 21 May 2009 (PDT)
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