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i think we can say for certain that the angry sniper is running and is also bethehammer in the forums on


1) listen to the end of the ballGameOver.mp3 and you'll hear him say "a credit card and a hardware store can make you a hero". the same line of text appears at the end of the "efficiency" section on

2) the style of diction in ballGameOver.mp3 is the same as on

3) the sniper blew up wrigley field, bethehammer posted a picture of the ballgame

4) bio section says that the author was in the 105th. so does the sniper in ballGameOver.mp3

so i vote to remove the wording that implies we don't know they are the same person for sure. i think the evidence is overwhelming.


Mmkay, as it says on the front, it could either be Corey Taylor or Trent Teznor. I decided to test the two by placing an NIN song on top of bgO, and then a Stone Sour song (basically because Corey doesn't scream as much there). Results? It definately isn't Trent. It definately sounds more like Corey, but I didn't know he and Trent even talked. I'd stick with Corey until somebody came in with equiptment instead of an iPod and a computer. --Electric 11:48, 29 April 2007 (PDT)

I think there's the possibility that it's Trent, but I'm not going to say anything for sure until someone steps up with better equipment than just Audacity. Although, I compared the audio from the beginning of My Violent Heart (the same tone of speech and less distortion) with the angry sniper talking on ballgameOver, and I did notice some similarities. You can check out the PNG I made at [[1]]. The top one is My Violent Heart. See for yourself, and make your own decisions. Raan 18:44, 18 August 2007 (PDT)


I keep getting the feeling that this same sniper is 'Blip' from One Country at a time'. I don't know why, both 105th, both snipers, but it just seems to fit.

Oh, and it's definitely not Corey, the guy is too old to be Corey, for a better comparison, compare ballgameOver with Omega of Stone Sour's debut.

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