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Re: Vox Telecom, I actually assumed that Vox was a riff on Fox News, known in the U.S. for its conservative slant. Mailstrom wreckage "widow" mentions "Vox News Atlanta," which sounds a little close to the "Fox News Atlanta" and "Fox Five Atlanta" I hear every day for me to call coincidence. I'd assumed Vox was the YZ story's way of tying the media to the government: shifting conservative news outlet Fox to Vox to become the voice of the conservative government.

Forgive my lack of wiki formatting know-how. -Dij 12:00, 16 April 2007 (PDT)

I had the same thought the first time Vox News Atlanta popped up, but was digging around the web trying to locate a Vox site for YZ Timeline and ended up finding a real American Vox News (though, the site still strikes me suspicious except for its domain registration date is waaaay too early) When it came up again here, I went digging and found Vox Telecom was a legit Corp.
Still, i think the odds are they used it for the realism, same as using Trinity Episcopal (real churches!) and other similarly real names (aside the obviously made for the fiction us wiretap, cedocore, anglo-johnson, etc.) are getting carefully built to starkly realistic levels (although, some of these slogans are hilariously over the top!) --killjoy 14:01, 16 April 2007 (PDT)


On this page there are several blue boxes marked COMMENT when you click on them they expand to notes on content from the "Authors" of this paper. Obviously one, Tim, has had firsthand experience with "The Presence" and his comment about it was " I felt like I was in the presence of “Other” -- even as it took me outside of myself."

A few things here with very thin strands connecting but it makes sense to me.

The words that key the comment boxes are, in this sequence:

000 appearance consciousness reports presence explanation physically time

I take this as "The Presence" being a physical manifestation of TIME, or possibly a result of the quantum computing experiments performed by soulutions backwards initiative. They did a huge info dump into the past before they were captured (one item being the year zero album, but we already know that). Either the experiments have continued in the future and "the presence" is a result or the info dump causes "the presence". In the text chat on the SBI site the ghost text from Carolina keeps saying "The hour is at hand" and Wayne's is : "w8thing w8ting 4 what?" already evidence of the quantum experiment? Everyone gets a feeling of warning and impending ecological disaster and also culpability. Human consciousness getting a download of the warning going backwards in time, this is how we precieve it? A few things to go along with this theory:

Comic writer Grant Morrison wrote a comic series in the 90's called "The Invisibles". Grant is a known NIN fan(he name checked them in the comic) and The Invisibles was a strong influence on "The Matrix" also. It was about a cell of resistance fighters, one them a time traveler, fighting a global conspiracy. The time traveler's journey caused a rupture in time/space, the shape of the machine used manifested across several points in time mostly as terrifying monsters. At the end of the story we find out it's all been a game that you experience through a drug you inhale (A Philip K. Dick plot). When the different characters experience time outside of normal interpetation they comment on how they felt they were outside of themselves, like Tim's description when experiencing "The Presence". Something outside of time intruding into time/space might cause a brief flood of non-linear information into areas of human perception. This would explain the feeling of guilt, salvation, impending dread and so forth and why details are slightly different for each person. The line "SYMPATHETIC RESONANCE" in SBI could be speaking of this. In "Childhood End" by Arthur C Clarke the "Overlords" an alien race that midwifes humanity to a new level of evolution resemble the classic image of the Devil (leathery wings, barbed tail, red armored skin) The leader of the Overlords explains that because they are the heralds of the end of humanity as known their image echoed backwards through the collective unconscious of humanity and was always related to the apocalypse. Information moving backward through time and humans percieving it in a symbolic way. I know I'm carrying on but two last things. 1: you can move the comment boxes around the page on by zooming in and I can see something moving around behind the text, this may just be the enlarged comments boxes but it might not, I can't ferret anything out. 2: Free associating, but when I saw the don't cross signal while walking today I instantly thought of "The Presence".

More info on "The Invisibles" can be found at

Also they talk about the presence quoteing from existing texts (in rare cases), could this be the texts that are "banned"??

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