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I was thinking about the Parepin and federal medicated water concept today. It made me remember an article we discussed in school. In many places around the U.S., the government adds flouride to the tap water. As of today, it is the only chemical added to water for medicinal purposes. Most residents have no clue their water has been treated with flouride. If you wish to find out, you have to contact the township of your own accord. It's not mandatory to inform people if their water has been treated. The effects of putting flouride in tap water are questionable. Recent studies show that it may be effecting child development and slowing down brain processes. When flouride was first discovered, it came as a natural by-product of atomic bomb testing. The government had to show that it wasn't harmful and could be used in some sort of purposeful way, and that's why our teeth are now treated with it. Anyways, the reason I'd like to point this out is to show that many of the Year Zero concepts are relevant to current events and changes. It's something that should be considered when doing Year Zero research, as it gives us a better idea of where these ideas are coming from. Perhaps Nine Inch Nails has made many of the Year Zero ideals in order to better educate us about what COULD happen.

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