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Should a link be included on this site direct to the "Lights in the Sky" EP? Even though the song is not on the EP, it may be worth noting that there is an EP of the same name (to avoid possible confusion) Aeontriad

A link would probably create more confusion, not less.

Is the lights in the sky waving goodbye a nod to Year Zero? I mean.. hands, waving, in the sky, goodbye...

-Is the thing at the bottom of the picture part of the picture for the next song?- Apologies about forgetting the song name as well as the picture to go with it.


The BPM of Lights In The Sky and Corona Radiata are the same.

Connections between "Lights In The Sky," "We're In This Together," and "The Fragile"

After a little thought, I feel that I have found connections between these three songs. First, this song arguably is another one of Mr. Reznor's "love" songs, displaying devotion for another, even if separated somehow. These songs also all talk about rescuing or joining someone, usually at the "bottom." Here are lines from each song to compare:

Lights In The Sky: "watching you drown/I'll follow you down"

We're In This Together: "the farther I fall I'm beside you/as lost as I get I will find you"

The Fragile: "I can't watch her slip away/I won't let you fall apart"

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

Maximus Death

good point here, and maybe worth mentioning in passing (i think i'll go do that now). lyrical connections tend to be thematic, though, so it seems more like a somewhat common subject for TR to write rather than an intentional connection (though i'm not sure if you meant to imply his intention or not). - Seasonsinthesky 06:23, 5 June 2009 (PDT)

I think sometimes I'm living this song.

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