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The song "Pilgrimage" presents a turn in the musical harmony of The Fragile. From the soft and melodic sounds of "Even Deeper" to the hardhitting riffs and lyrics of "No, You Don't" and the hollowness of "La Mer" and "The Great Below," "Pilgrimage" represents a battle, a turning of the tides. Whereas the album starts with the protagonist in the depths of a depression, whether it be emotional, physical, or both, leading up to this point the lyrical content and general mood of the songs is dark, reflective and introspective, leading into "Pilgrimage" representing his will to battle the fears and pains inside him, and continuing on through "No, You Don't." The mood then changes again from proactive to passive with the songs "La Mer" and "The Great Below," almost seeming to state that he tried to battle his demons, but then fell back into the pit he started in. On the Right side of The Fragile, this momentum repeats itself, starting with the pains of emptiness and then gradually building to self confidence, only to slump back to where he originally started with "Ripe." — Crazyninfan 21:20, 18 March 2007

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