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  • ... that the original Pigface version of "Suck" that was re-recorded for the Broken EP was released as multitracks for a remix competition in 2006 and are available from ninremixes.com?
  • ... that in the 1995 movie Se7en, directed by David Fincher, the opening sequence features the "Closer" remix "Closer (Precursor)"?
  • ... that David Fincher went on to direct the music video for "Only", released in the summer of 2005, which won an award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Music Video?
  • ... that "The Perfect Drug" music video was one of the most expensive videos at the time as the costs of building a refrigerated set, renting period costumes, and securing use of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss painting were all factors in the almost $1 million cost?
  • ... that the song "La Mer", with its build up to create a sonic atmosphere, is arguably heavily infuenced by the Debussy piece of the same name?
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