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Going under the alias Addycee she is an American dissident who's job is to reveal all our administration is hiding. Although currently in hiding she continues to send information through her blog ( She is a political activist who constantly attacks the media for their disgusting show of propaganda. She is currently the voice of the underground movement,"the urban anti-terror movement", located in the northeast coast but sadly due to her forced secrecy is never able to attend. She joined the ARG for it was a simple and fun pastime for when she has to lay low. Since the FBI has been probing her blogs she is constantly on the move changing her posting locations almost 2- 3 times a day. Should she come to recruit you, it would be best to aid for under our country's current regime it would be unwise not to. Dissent is the name of the game and we are all players one way or another. Support the dissidents or support the state your still playing a role.

She is the one, the only, the soon to be dissappeared, May-Leigh Soreux.

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