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This is my User Page and as with most things is a work in progress, enjoy! Moments ago it was 2018/07/18 01:05 UTC, which at the time was the present. You can find me here if you try Wikipedia:User:D0li0.

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NIN-The Warning-EV mashup Video

EV and PHEV info, images, and video clips set to Nine Inch Nails track The Warning and including a number of Who Killed The Electric Car video clips.

This is my first "music video mashup" created with Sony Vegas 7. After the minor post production work on my video "Resurrected EV1 comes to SEVA Meeting" (, GM EV1 WWU Resurrection) and listening to NIN on my commutes home I thought it was time to set some images to music in an attempt to portray a message about the past, current, and future state of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. The odd flag images and USBM warnings used in the video are from the album and AIR-Art is Resistance. I hear that GM wasn't very thrilled with the last video of a running EV1 I and others posted, so I'm sure they will be thrilled with this one. Just remember it's meant to motivate you and them towards the goal of getting such vehicles onto dealer showroom floors. Once that happens I'll start to make happier videos that poor less salt into the EV1 wound.

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