We Take Mystery (To Bed)

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"We Take Mystery (To Bed)" is a Gary Numan song that was played with Nine Inch Nails at both Florida shows during the Tension 2013 Tour. The extended version of the original song from I, Assassin features a lengthy fretless bass solo by Tension 2013 bassist Pino Palladino.


  • This cover has never been officially released.


We Take Mystery (To Bed) (live)

Nine Inch Nails first performed this song live on the Tension 2013 tour at both Florida shows alongside Numan during the encore.


   Confiscate letters like D.E.B.
   No natural course of things for her to expect
   Withdraw the feelings 'You can, you can't'
   I called your number as you told the world

   Someone is wrong
   Someone is wrong

   I'll find the answer, you'll take mystery to bed
   My sister coma she was always too shy
   You told the story crying 'Darling too good to last'
   You taste of love just like the sex smell of me

   Someone is wrong

   There is no longer any normal to me
   You're my assassin but you can't see the crime
   Pointless possessions of me and you and greed
   I looked at you mistaking needles for eyes

   Someone is wrong

   You are slow poison that glows in the dark
   Such isolation is good for the heart
   We will take mystery to bed for the night

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