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With Boots

With Boots is a web-released bootleg compilation of With Teeth songs mashed up with various non-Nine Inch Nails songs, by French remixer Totom.


01. All the Love in the Revelator (NIN vs. Depeche Mode)
02. You Know These Boots Are Getting Smaller (NIN vs. Lee Hazlewood)
03. Radio Live Collector (NIN vs. Joy Division)
04. The Hand That's No Fun (NIN vs. Stooges)
05. Love is Not Precious (NIN vs. Depeche Mode)
06. Every Light Pours Out Exactly the Same (NIN vs. Magazine)
07. Da Ya Think my Teeth Are Sexy (NIN vs. Revolting Cocks)
08. Get Down Only (NIN vs. Kool and the Gang)
09. Another Spot in the Sun, Part 2 (NIN vs. Pink Floyd)
10. We're in this Blurred Line Closer Now (NIN vs. NIN)
11. Beside you Heroes (NIN vs. David Bowie)
12. Right Where Clint Belongs (NIN vs. Gorillaz)

Bonus tracks:
13. John the T.V. Eye (That Feeds) (NIN vs. Stooges/Depeche Mode)
14. Beside you in Swastika Eyes (NIN vs. Primal Scream)
15. The Island That Loves (NIN vs. Fatboy Slim)
16. Only Fame (NIN vs. David Bowie)
17. Fight Club is Not Enough (NIN vs. Dust Brothers)

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