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Bootleg Front Cover

The "Zero: Destroyer" bootleg contains a live DJ set of strangely remixed NIN songs, most prominently from Year Zero and The Slip. The songs are sampled in a way to create a story, very similar to plot of Year Zero Research, although about one obscure character in particular. This character's name is "Chaz Greber" and is found in a report on The Price of Treason.


  1. "Version"
  2. "God Seed"
  3. "Head Up"
  4. "Zeroism"
  5. "Parepin"
  6. "Berzerk"
  7. "Soldier"
  8. "World?"
  9. "The Wait"
  10. "Escape"

Actual Songs

  1. Remix of "Another Version Of The Truth"
  2. Remix of "Demon Seed" and "God Given"
  3. Remix of "Head Down" and "Meet Your Master"
  4. Remix of "Survivalism" and "Zero-Sum"
  5. Remix of "Echoplex" and "The Beginning Of The End"
  6. Remix of "Hyperpower!" and contains samples from various tracks from "The Berzerker"
  7. Remix of "The Good Soldier" and "Capital G"
  8. Remix of "The Day The World Went Away" and "Lights In The Sky"
  9. Remix of "999,999" and a sample of "Help Me I Am In Hell" in its entirety.
  10. Remix of "The Great Destroyer" and "In This Twilight"
Zero: Destoyer back cover
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