2000/01/11 Tokyo, Japan

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Poster scan taken from The NIN Historian.

The live Nine Inch Nails performance on November 29th, 1999 took place at the Bay NK Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

This was the thirteenth show on the Fragility 1.0 tour. It was the second of three shows played at the Bay NK Hall.



  1. "Terrible Lie"
  2. "Sin"
  3. "March Of The Pigs"
  4. 'Piggy"
  5. "The Frail"
  6. "The Wretched"
  7. "Reptile"
  8. "No, You Don't"
  9. "Gave Up"
  10. "La Mer"
  11. "The Great Below"
  12. "The Way Out Is Through"
  13. "Wish"
  14. "Into The Void"
  15. "Please"
  16. "Get Down, Make Love"
  17. "Head Like A Hole"


  1. "The Day The World Went Away"
  2. "Starfuckers, Inc."
  3. "Closer"
  4. "Hurt"

Notable Moments

Reznor fell on his face during "March of the Pigs" and had a hard time staying vertical for the rest of the song.

Just before the encore:

"Thank you. I feel like I might be ruining my reputation by saying that… I'm very grateful to be
here, and it's been a great audience, and I appreciate you guys. Don't tell anybody, okay? Thank

Before "Hurt," Reznor made a very heartfelt speech:

"I'm about to say something really stupid. I want to thank my band, because my band is the best band in the world. We
are the best of friends and this is… one of our favorite songs."