2008/08/03 Chicago, IL

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Nine Inch Nails played at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, on August 3, 2008, as part of the annual Lollapalooza music festival.


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1. 1,000,000 2. Letting You 3. Discipline 4. March of the Pigs 5. The Frail 6. Closer 7. Gave Up 8. The Warning 9. Vessel 10. Ghosts 5 11. Ghosts 25 12. Ghosts 19 13. Ghosts Piggy 14. The Greater Good 15. Wish 16. Terrible Lie 17. Survivalism 18. The Big Come Down 19. Only 20. The Hand that Feeds 21. Echoplex 22. Hurt 23. In this Twilight

taken from Lollapalooza website


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