2018/12/01 Las Vegas, NV

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]Nine Inch Nails performed in Las Vegas, Nevada, at The Joint - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on December 1st, 2018 as part of the Cold And Black And Infinite Tour. The Jesus And Mary Chain and HMLTD were the opening acts.


  • With the omissions of "Pinion" and "Last", the majority of the Broken EP was played, although out of sequence.
  • All of the songs played at this show were released before 1997, ignoring everything from The Fragile onwards. This was repeated on December 11th.



  1. "Mr. Self Destruct"
  2. "Sin"
  3. "March Of The Pigs"
  4. "Piggy"
  5. "Sanctified"
  6. "Closer"
  7. "The Perfect Drug"
  8. "Burn"
  9. "Help Me I Am In Hell"
  10. "Happiness In Slavery"
  11. "Reptile"
  12. "Suck"
  13. "Physical"
  14. "Gave Up"
  15. "Wish"
  16. "Head Like A Hole"
  17. "A Warm Place"
  18. "Eraser"
  19. "Dead Souls" (Joy Division cover)
  20. "Hurt"

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