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Both views of the front page.

Go to this thread on ETS for discussion of this website

- On first glance, this is nothing more than simple, smiley propaganda. Another version of the truth is revealed (quite literally!) if you click and drag. Once new text is revealed, clicking a link takes you to a message board in which citizens of this particular setting are discussing many things about society, most of it being quite negative, scary, or depressing. Three audio files have been revealed so far:

  • opalo.mp3, discussing this Opal drug.
  • ballgameOver.mp3, taken from the point of view of an "angry sniper."
  • nohurry.mp3, detailing a police raid and showcasing the REAL truth behind it.

Also, some lyrics were posted on the message boards of this site. This is also speculation, but these could be lyrics to a song on Year Zero: "Used to be the leader/ now comes the time to serve/ maybe we show some mercy/ maybe you get what you deserve." These lyrics are also very similar to the NIN song Head Like A Hole: "Bow down before the one you serve/ you're going to get what you deserve."


The topics are:

- End of the World?

- Acts of Resistance

- Cops Murder Muslim Kid

- Violent Resistance

- Opal/Cocaine

- In Memorian

- Missing in Action

The list of screennames on these forums is as follows: 8ballz, angelfood, AVT001, AVT019, AVT021, AVT80, AVT092, AVT666, Barnlikr (quoted), BeTheHammer, Che2, ChicagoAnon, fairisfair, Fiddler5Weather, giventake, Gradiosity, GrogeousGeorge, guiltfree, Haberdasher, HumanInterest, kidwithacam, KingdomCome, Lenguetaindia lovemonger, McLuhanDisciple, mitzvah, musiclover06, PaxHarmonica, pharlarope (quoted), Phil&Sophie (unsure about &), romeisburning, Shatter36, ShiHuang, Sunset Clause, ticktock9, Victor12, VoxIsMyCowboy

The last entry on any of the forums is 2/10/00 at 14:26.

Code number: This website reveals the code number: 24.10.8 The number shows up on the main web page right below the flash object. To reveal it choose "Select All" or press 'CTRL + A'.


BeTheHammer is probably the author of the Be the Hammer website.
Shatter36 is one of the three people mentioned in the Missing in Action thread (He replies to the thread with "I'm fine and just laying low.")

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