Broken Machine V1

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This bootleg was probably released prior to The Fragile. This is almost definately not legitamate, presumably created by several ameteurs, hence the subtitle, "a collection of the best independant remixes."


  1. "One Last Wish"
  2. "Inject the Drug"
  3. "The Silence of the Pigs"
  4. "Down In It" (Amputated)
  5. "The Perfect Drug" (The Twelfth Step)
  6. "Head Like A Hole" (Gold Mix)
  7. "Heresy" (Dissension)
  8. "Happiness In Slavery" (Open Your Mind)
  9. "Burn" (Amputated)
  10. "Closer Than The Skin"
  11. "The Downward Spiral" (No Escape)