Came Back Haunted (song)

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"Came Back Haunted"
Album: Hesitation Marks
Length: 5:17
Tempo: BPM
Versions: Came Back Haunted
Came Back Haunted (Radio Edit)
Came Back Haunted (Video Edit)
Live: Nine Inch Nails Live 2013

"Came Back Haunted" is the third track on the 2013 release Hesitation Marks, and is the first single from that album.






Came Back Haunted

This is the original album version.

Came Back Haunted (Radio Edit)

This is the radio edit. It is shortened to 3:56.

Came Back Haunted (Video Edit)

This is the edit used in the music video. It is shortened to 4:17.


This song debuted live on the first night of the Nine Inch Nails Live 2013 tour.

Music Videos

Screenshot from the "Came Back Haunted" video

The "Came Back Haunted" video was directed by David Lynch and was released on June 28, 2013. It uses a shortened version of the song that is exclusive to the video.

The video has been flagged as potentially seizure-inducing for viewers with photosensitive epilepsy, due to its use of strobe effects. It features herky-jerky shots of Trent Reznor, wearing pancake makeup and lipstick, interspersed with other bizarre images. These typically Lynchian visuals include an image of a tick overlaid onto an image of a young ballerina, a seemingly disembodied and vaguely humanoid face reminiscent of something out of Lynch's Eraserhead, a trio of glowing zoomed-in images of mouths sitting atop little dancing bodies, and an expanding cloud of dark gray smoke in the corner of a dark room.

The fully-produced video was preceded by an audio video that was released by Vevo on June 6, 2013. It features a reel-to-reel tape deck playing the song, filmed from multiple angles. It was listed as "Came Back Haunted (Audio)". It was made for the purpose of providing internet video outlets with an official source of the audio.


   The throat is deep and the mouth is wide
   Saw some things on the other side
   Made me promise to never tell
   You know me I can't help myself, no
   I got something you have to see
   They put something inside of me
   The smile is red and its eyes are black
   I don't think I'll be coming back

   I don't believe and I
   I had to see am I
   I came back haunted
   I said goodbye but I
   I had to try and I
   I came back haunted
   I came back haunted
   Everywhere now reminding me
   I am not who I used to be
   I'm afraid this has just begun
   Consequences for what I've done
   I don't believe and I
   I had to see am I
   I came back haunted
   I said goodbye but I
   I had to try and I
   I came back haunted
   I came back haunted

   They tried to tell me but I
   I couldn't stop myself
   I came back
   I came back haunted
   Just can't stop
   Came back haunted

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