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Cars is a song by Gary Numan, it was covered live during the Wave Goodbye Tour by Gary Numan and Nine Inch Nails. It is the second Numan song to be covered by NIN, the first being Metal from Things Falling Apart



  • - a video of this song being performed at the O2 arena, London was made available on


Cars (live)

This was performed live on three occasions during the Wave Goodbye Tour, in almost identical fashion.


   Here in my car 
   I feel safest of all 
   I can lock all my doors 
   It's the only way to live 
   In cars 

   Here in my car 
   I can only receive 
   I can listen to you 
   It keeps me stable for days 
   In cars 

   Here in my car 
   Where the image breaks down 
   Will you visit me please? 
   If I open my door 
   In cars 

   Here in my car 
   I know I've started to think 
   About leaving tonight 
   Although nothing seems right 
   In cars