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The Church Logo.


The Church of Plano, also known as The First Evangelical Church of Plano is a New Evangelical Church. The 105th Airborne Crusaders site mentions that one congregation of the New Evangelical Church donated land for the first base of the 105th Airborne Crusaders and another congregation maintained Fort Paul during a deployment. The Church of Plano is also a sola scriptura organization.


The site announces the upcoming sermon for Sunday, February 13th entitled "Whoever Resists the Authority Resists God". It also mentions Bill Chapman, a man who allegedly acted erratically after spotting The Presence.

The site lists the "Neighborhood Cleansing Program" as ongoing event, and is currently recruiting volunteers to promulgate the word of God and put one's "faith into action". Volunteers work closely with "the formidable Plano's Faithful Civil Patrol."

It's interesting to note that the two bars that appear under Plano's Faithful Civil Patrol, are close to identical to the bars that appear on next to the track "My Violent Heart".

Note also that after using the command Ctrl+A another number is revealed: 24.10.2

Bible References

Romans 13: 1-7: References submission to Authority. The February 14th sermon will focus on this chapter and verse of the bible.

Psalm 58: The subject of the evening sermon, "He Shall Wash His Feet in the Blood of the Wicked".

External Links

Currently, there are no subpages for the Church of Plano site, adding to the mystery of this organization as it is the only site that does not contain any external links.



It has been suggested that the Church of Plano is in Plano, Texas, however this is currently mere speculation. Moreover, there is also a Plano, Illinois, and this is also a probabilty. The fact that the AngrySniper was located in Chicago lends some credence to this theory, although this is pure speculation as well. Peculiarly, the picture of the church on the Church of Plano website has been identified to be the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, California.

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