Closer To God (halo)

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Halo 9 - Closer To God

Closer To God (also known as Halo 9) , released in 1994, is an EP released to promote the song "Closer" from the album The Downward Spiral.

Track Listing


  1. "Closer To God"
  2. "Closer" (Precursor)
  3. "Closer" (Deviation)
  4. "Heresy" (Blind)
  5. "Memorabilia"
  6. "Closer" (Internal)
  7. "March Of The Fuckheads"
  8. "Closer" (Further Away)
  9. "Closer"


The UK release was labeled as Closer and split into two parts.

Part 1

Released in a digipack format with space for two CDs.

  1. "Closer"
  2. "Closer" (Deviation)
  3. "Closer" (Further Away)
  4. "Closer" (Precursor)
  5. "Closer" (Internal)

File:Closer to god UK 1

Part 2

Released in a slimline case and featured different artwork from Part 1.

  1. "Closer To God"
  2. "Heresy" (Blind)
  3. "Memorabilia"
  4. "March Of The Fuckheads"