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Trent in Coil shirt.

Coil was an industrial group primarily consisting of John Balance and Peter Christopherson. Coil were commissioned to do several Nine Inch Nails remixes. At one time the group planned on releasing Backwards through Nothing Records, but this never happened. The Backwards demo surfaced and alternate incarnations of the songs appear on the Coil releases The Ape of Naples and The New Backwards. Many of the NIN remixes also employed part time Coil member Danny Hyde. Drew McDowall was an additional Coil credit on the Further Down The Spiral remixes. In an interview, Peter Christopherson also mentioned Reznor asked Coil to do a remix of "The Perfect Drug", but he turned the offer down to focus on Backwards. The group ended when John Balance died in November of 2004.

Discography involvement with NIN and Trent