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Go to this thread on ETS for discussion of this website

- This is the site for what must be the main mail service of society (perhaps). It features a description of Opal stolen from a police officer and his reference handbook, as well as numerous crude drawings, including one of The Presence. It is definitely worthy to note that the page reads "ANGRY SNIPER sent you this message on Thursday, Feb 10, 0000." The title Angry Sniper is most likely a reference to the sound clip that features an angry guy shooting people with a sniper rifle. Interestingly, if you try to click any link on this page, it gives you a warning:

The page at wrote:

WARNING CODE 24.10.4 (All page functionality disabled): You are not the citizen assigned to this account. Close this window
immediately and stay where you are. Authorities will be in contact shortly for appropriate reeducation.

The bottom of the page also lists a footnote talking about an "underground" website, Opalescent Haze.
- Ironically, one cannot enter the site if you are an "unknown citizen," but "no one important" is able to enter freely to view a detailed drug description from an officer reference handbook.

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