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The Fragility tours spanned 1999-2000 in support of The Fragile.

Fragility v1.0

1999/11/142000/02/06 The Fragility 1.0 tour was Nine Inch Nails' first tour since 1995 and supported the September 1999 release of "The Fragile." The first leg spanned much of western europe, with multiple shows in both Germany and England. The tour then saw four shows in Tokyo and ended with Big Day OIut, a festival tour in Australia.

Band Members

Musician Instruments
Trent Reznor
vocals, guitar, keyboards
Robin Finck
guitar, backing vocals
Danny Lohner
bass, backing vocals, synthesizer
Charlie Clouser
synthesizer, backing vocals, theremin
Jerome Dillon

Tour Dates

Date/Location Venue
1999/11/14 Barcelona, Spain Pabellon de la Valle Hebron
11/17/1999 Milan, Italy Alcatraz
1999/11/19 Munich, Germany Colosseum
1999/11/20 Vienna, Austria Libro Music Hall
1999/11/22 Berlin, Germany Columbiahalle
1999/11/23 Copenhagen, Denmark KB-Hallen
1999/11/25 Paris, France Zenith de Paris
1999/11/26 Dusseldorf, Germany Stahlwerk
1999/11/28 Tilburg, Holland 013
1999/11/29 London, England Brixton Academy
1999/12/01 London, England Brixton Academy
2000/01/10 Tokyo, Japan Bay NK Hall
2000/01/11 Tokyo, Japan Bay NK Hall
2000/01/12 Tokyo, Japan Bay NK Hall
2000/01/14 Yokohama, Japan Pacifico Hall
2000/01/15 Osaka, Japan Castle Hall
2000/01/21 Auckland, New Zealand Ericsson Stadium (Big Day Out)
2000/01/23 Gold Coast, Australia Parklands (Big Day Out)
2000/01/26 Sydney, Australia RAS Showgrounds (Big Day Out)
2000/01/30 Melbourne, Australia RAS Showgrounds (Big Day Out)
2000/02/04 Adelaide, Australia RAS & HS Showgrounds (Big Day Out)
2000/02/06 Perth, Australia Bassendean Oval (Big Day Out)

Typical setlist

The New Flesh + Pinion
  1. Somewhat Damaged
  2. Terrible Lie
  3. Sin
  4. March of the Pigs
  5. Piggy
  6. The Frail + The Wretched
  7. No, You Don't
  8. Gave Up – projection screen drops towards end of song
  9. La Mer
  10. The Great Below
  11. The Way Out Is Through – projection screen rises
  12. Wish
  13. Into The Void
  14. Please
  15. Get Down, Make Love or Down In It
  16. Head Like A Hole
  1. The Day the World Went Away
  2. Starfuckers, Inc.
  3. Closer
  4. Hurt

Even Deeper was occasionally played in between The Day the World Went Away and Starfuckers, Inc.; Reptile was occasionally played in between The Wretched and No, You Don't.

Fragility v2.0

2000/04/122000/07/09; North America, European festivals

And All That Could Have Been is the release documenting this tour.

Typical setlist

The New Flesh + Pinion
  1. Terrible Lie
  2. Sin
  3. March of the Pigs
  4. Piggy
  5. The Frail + The Wretched
  6. Gave Up
  7. La Mer
  8. The Great Below
  9. The Mark Has Been Made
  10. Wish
  11. Complication
  12. Suck
  13. Closer
  14. Head Like A Hole
  1. The Day The World Went Away
  2. Just Like You Imagined or Even Deeper
  3. Starfuckers, Inc.
  4. Hurt

Sometimes, Somewhat Damaged was slotted in front of Terrible Lie. The Fragile was rarely played during the encore; it followed the song in the second slot. On some dates, the "second encore slot" was not included, leaving a common three song encore. Also, The Big Come Down and Get Down Make Love fit in there sometimes; Reptile was played instead of Piggy occasionally.