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*[[Trent Reznor]] - guitar, backing vocals, keyboard
*[[Trent Reznor]] - guitar, backing vocals, keyboard
*[[Atticus Ross]] - bass and synthesizer
*[[Atticus Ross]] - bass and synthesizer
*[[Rob Sheridan]] - art direction

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If you're looking for the band's eponymous debut EP, go here

How To Destroy Angels‎

How To Destroy Angels is a musical project announced in April 2010, with only some teaser videos released. The band is named after How To Destroy Angels, a song, and first release, by Coil. The first single, "A Drowning" was released on May 4th 2010 via Pitchfork Media. There is currently a Q&A on their Facebook page

The band is signed with The Null Corporation.

On July 29, 2010, Trent Reznor posted on his twitter account that new HTDA music was in progress.

Band members




  • A Drowning - 2010/05/04

Music Videos

Band Images

Since the site's conception, the banner design (featuring Mariqueen) has gradually changed to reveal more of her face (and slightly change in image quality), culminating in a fully revealed face as A Drowning was released:

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