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Having hibernated since Fragility 2.0, Nine Inch Nails exhausted fans by consistently touring for more than a year straight. These Live: With Teeth tours form arguably their most prolific era.

Tour legs and special shows

Tour / Show Dates
North American club tour 2005/03/232005/05/31
International tour 2005/06/022005/08/22
North American arena tour 2005/09/162005/12/08
KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2005/12/10
North American secondary market tour 2006/02/102006/04/01
With Teeth: Summer Amphitheater Tour 2006/05/262006/07/08
Bridge School Benefit 2006/10/212006/10/22

Band members

Musician Instruments
Trent Reznor
formerly of Exotic Birds
vocals, guitar, keyboards, tambourine
Aaron North
formerly Aaron Icarus of The Icarus Line
guitar, backing vocals
Jeordie White
formerly Twiggy Ramirez of Marilyn Manson and A Perfect Circle
bass, backing vocals, guitar, synthesizer, clapping
Alessandro Cortini
frontman of modwheelmood
synthesizer, backing vocals, guitar, bass
Jerome Dillon
solo project nearLY
Josh Freese
played for numerous bands including A Perfect Circle
2005/10/04; 2005/10/05; 2005/12/06 – present
Alex Carapetis
2005/10/07 - 2005/12/01