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Welcome to the Nine Inch Nails Wiki. This Wiki's purpose is to help organize our thoughts and findings relating to NIN. To edit, login or register if you havn't already.

World of Year Zero

There is alot going on regarding the events surrounding Year Zero and the current future world where Year Zero takes place. This page should help organize all the info.

Found on a Nine Inch Nails tour shirt, a series of highlighted numbers spelled out the words "I am trying to believe," leading users to This site details numerous things going on in this timeline, such as the Parepin disease and The Presence. Using the tracklist to the album, people discovered numerous related websites.

The first of these additional websites, Another Version of the Truth (website), shows what looks to be a propaganda poster. Clicking and dragging portions of the image reveals it "tears away" into a much more negative image, giving a link to a message board in which users have been discussing various aspects of society, including handing out links to various audio files and links to other related websites.

What can I do?

Well, first off, you need to login or register to edit pages. If you see red links, click them and add content to the pages! Think that there should be another page added? Add it! Just make sure it is:

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Where can I start?

Well, you're probably interested in the recent stuff relating to Year Zero. Go there, have fun!

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