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Welcome to the Nine Inch Nails Wiki. This Wiki's purpose is to help organize our thoughts and findings relating to NIN. To edit, login or register if you haven't already. To just mess around, go to the Sandbox.

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The Social Network Soundtrack was scored by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for the David Fincher film The Social Network, based on the popular social networking site Facebook. It was the first release from The Null Corporation to be marked with a Null number, being Null 01.

The first track from the soundtrack, "Hand Covers Bruise (No Piano)" debuted on The Social Network's website on August 30, 2010, streaming in the background. The album will be released by The Null Corporation and distributed by Sony Music.

The album was released digitally on September 28, exclusively on, and will be available in three physical formats: CD, Blu-Ray audio and Vinyl, released on October 11, 18 and 25 respectively. ((More...))

In the news

  • On October 22nd, a Fan-Created DVD entitled "The Downward Spiral: Live at Webster Hall" is released.
  • On September 10th, NIN plays their final show for the foreseeable future at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, California. Guest musicians included Mike Garson, Gary Numan, Atticus Ross, Dave Navarro, and the Dillinger Escape Plan.
  • On July 10th, Trent Reznor released the dates for North American club performances which will be the final NIN tour. Four nights in NYC, two nights in Chicago, and four nights in LA.
  • On June 22nd, Trent Reznor received government recognition for helping Eric de la Cruz in the form of proclamations from the US House of Representatives (three Congressman in total), the US Senate, the NYS Governor, the NYS Senate, the NYS Comptroller and the Suffolk County Legislature.
  • On June 9th, Trent Reznor was presented with a Special Achievement Webby for Artist of the Year at the annual Webby awards.
  • On May 20th, Reznor offers three different donation packages on in order to raise money to help Eric De La Cruz pay for a heart transplant. The different priced donation packages range from attending soundchecks to spending time with the band before a show and watching the performance from the side of the stage. A regular donation option is also set up on the store.
  • On April 15th, the NIN:Access app for the iPhone became available for free from iTunes.
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Did you know...

  • ... that the original Pigface version of "Suck" that was re-recorded for the Broken EP was released as multitracks for a remix competition in 2006 and are available from
  • ... that in the 1995 movie Se7en, directed by David Fincher, the opening sequence features the "Closer" remix "Closer (Precursor)"?
  • ... that David Fincher went on to direct the music video for "Only", released in the summer of 2005, which won an award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Music Video?
  • ... that "The Perfect Drug" music video was one of the most expensive videos at the time as the costs of building a refrigerated set, renting period costumes, and securing use of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss painting were all factors in the almost $1 million cost?
  • ... that the song "La Mer", with its build up to create a sonic atmosphere, is arguably heavily infuenced by the Debussy piece of the same name?

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